Sarphati Amsterdam Symposia

In 2019 the very first edition of Sarphati Amsterdam Symposium was held. The theme was “the research for effective and sustainable prevention of non-communicable diseases”. This event was the successful starting point of the symposium, which has developed into an annual event.

On 14th February 2020 Simone Kukenheim, Deputy Mayor of the City of Amsterdam opened  the 2nd edition.  The theme of this meeting was “Why health disparities in early childhood matter – especially in urban environments“. The subject was very appealing to many experts within Sarphati Amsterdam’s diverse working field. It led to many inspiring discussions and meetings throughout the day.

Despite the corona effected situation the 3rd edition  took place on 12th February 2021. During this online Sarphati Amsterdam Symposium the attendees could follow a plenary part led by Karien Stronks and third parallel sessions led by different professionals. The main theme was Inclusive public health: challenges and opportunities”.
During the plenary part Charles Agyemang (Amsterdam UMC), Corine Meppelink (UvA) and  Christine Dedding (Amsterdam UMC) presented their vision on inclusivity in epidemiology, communications and participation.

After their presentations the participants joined the online Breakout Rooms to discuss and exchange their experiences and best practices on the mentioned theme. Despite the unusual settings the participants and the organisation team could look back on another very inspiring symposium.

So we hope to see you and many more professionals at our next Sarphati Amsterdam Symposium in 2022!