Looking back: Sarphati Amsterdam Symposium 2020

The Sarphati Amsterdam Symposium 2020 took place on Friday afternoon, February 14, 2020. Kukenheim, Deputy Mayor of the City of Amsterdam, opened this meeting with the theme “Why health disparities in early childhood matter – especially in urban environments”. The theme appealed to many professionals from different fields, given their input and the interaction during the lectures and lively discussions at the parallel sessions.

The Sarphati Amsterdam team would like to thank all attendees for their participation and their contribution, making this second edition of the Sarphati Amsterdam Symposium a success once again.

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Presentations for plenary session

Presentatie plenaire sessie – Bart Looman (Pharos)
Q&A Sarphati Amsterdam symposium 2020

Posters Sarphati Inspiration Gallery

Sarphati Cohort first results 2020
Poster Sarphati Diaries_DEF

ABCD poster Sarphati Amsterdam symposium 2020
AIMS poster Sarphati Amsterdam symposium DEF
Etnografie poster Sarphati Amsterdam symposium Sarphati
Food4smiles Poster Sarphati Amsterdam symposium
GEAR – Sarphati Amsterdam Symposium 2020 – Poster
GROEI poster Sarphati Amsterdam symposium 2020
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Poster Sarphati Amsterdam symposium_Inhulsen 2020.01.30

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Slaapinterventie Sarphati Symposium Poster Gezond Slapen MC
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Visual summaries of the parallel sessions

Kinderen als medeonderzoekers

Urban mental health

Microbiota and healthy development

Armoede en de kans op een gezonde start

Onderzoek met en voor iedereen

Presentaties parallelsessies

Sessie Armoede en de kans op een goede en gezonde start

Sessie Microbiota and healthy development
The infant microbiome – A changing organ in a growing human
Oral micobiome development in infants
Antibiotics and chronic diseases

Sessie Kinderen als mede-onderzoekers
Determinanten van slaapgedrag – wat denken de kinderen ervan

Sessie Urban mental health
Overbeek_Sarphati2020_Winkelman OKT
Urban Mental Health – When Mummy and Daddy Get Under Your Skin
Response OKT 2020

Sessie Onderzoek met en voor iedereen
Sarphati Symposium_parallelsesie Patricia Heijdenrijk_Pharos 
Presentatie_food4smiles_Sarphati Symposium 
Sarphati Symposium onderzoek met en voor iedereen – Sarphati Cohort 
Sarphatisymposium_Schouten UVA