Revisiting Sarphati Amsterdam Symposium 2021

The 3rd edition of the Sarphati Amsterdam Symposium took place on Friday afternoon, February 12, 2021. During this online setting, there was a high turnout for the event with the theme “Inclusive public health: challenges and opportunities”.

Karien Stronks was the chairwoman of the symposium. During the plenary session, Charles Agyemang (Amsterdam UMC), Corine Meppelink (UvA) and Christine Dedding (Amsterdam UMC) delivered their presentations, in which they shared their vision on inclusivity in epidemiology, communication and participation.

After the presentations, everyone took part in parallel sessions in Breakout Rooms, where participants discussed and exchanged experiences on the themes of the presentations. During the closing, the parallel sessions were summarized in words and images. Curious about what came out there? Have a look at the drawings.

The Sarphati Amsterdam core team would like to thank all participants for their participation and involvement, making this online edition of the Sarphati Amsterdam Symposium a success.

Below you can look back on the 2021 edition. We hope to welcome you again at the next edition!

Presentations plenary session

Presentation Karien Stronks

Presentation Charles Agyemang

Presentation Corine Meppelink

Presentation Christine Dedding


Visual summaries of the parallel sessions 

Inclusive epidemiology
Inclusive epidemiolog tekening (als klikbare pdf)

Inclusive communication
Inclusive communication tekening (als klikbare pdf)

Inclusive participation
Inclusive participation tekening (als klikbare pdf)



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