We are always open for new partnerships that can contribute to our research programme!

Together for the city

Sarphati Amsterdam works with its core partners in multi-disciplinary teams on solutions relating to prevention and care. We do this by connecting research, policy and implementation. The core Sarphati Amsterdam partners are:

  • the Amsterdam knowledge institutes: VU, UvA, Amsterdam UMC and HvA;
  • the Public Health Service of Amsterdam (GGD), Child Health Services (JGZ), Epidemiology and Health Promotion & Healthcare Innovation (EGZ) and Amsterdam Regional Laboratory;
  • Amsterdam Health Foundation (SAG): Child Health Services department (JGZ).

Sarphati Amsterdam is always open for new partnerships that can contribute to our Research programme! Each partnership must be in line with Sarphati Amsterdam’s societal role and will be verified by the Executive Board.

The Collaboration document describes the options for partnership. Researchers wishing to work with Sarphati Amsterdam and/or use data from the Sarphati Cohort can find the procedure in the document below.

Do you want to conduct research with us?

Please read the Collaboration document and complete the relevant forms. We will then contact you so that we can discuss the possibilities for collaboration. Please note: this document is subject to change. Please use the most up-to-date version on our website